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«Просветительский проект «Attorney to help». Совместный проект прокуратуры Самарской области и МБОУ Гимназия № 11 г.о. Самара, направленный на повышению правовой грамотности иностранных граждан, обучению их самозащите своих законных прав».


The prosecutor's office of the Samara region explains: «How could a foreign citizen enter a Russian university?”»

How could a foreign citizen enter a Russian university?

The prosecutor's office of the Samara region explains: «How could a foreign citizen enter a Russian university?”»

The question is answered by the head of the department for supervision of the implementation of laws on minors and young people of Samara region prosecutor’s office, Maria Kin.

Foreign applicants have an opportunity to enter Russian universities for undergraduate, specialty, master's and retraining programs.

The general algorithm for admission of foreign applicants to a Russian university is the following:

1.The choice of the suitable program, the faculty, form of study, university and city.

2.The choice of financing option: training at the expense of the federal budget or paid tuition.

3.The preparation of a package of necessary documents

4.The participation in the competitive selection

5.Receivining an invitation to a university, a student visa application.

To participate in the competition for enrollment, foreign applicants must pass an entrance exam at a university. The list of entrance tests for all areas of study includes the Russian language, the rest of the exams depend on the chosen profile. The list, the format and the schedule of such tests are usually displayed on the official website of the university.

If a foreign applicant plans to study remotely, then entrance examinations at the university could be taken online. If full-time or part-time learning is planned, then information about the possibility of passing exams with the help of distance technologies needs to be specified for each university separately, judjing by fact that only a few educational institutions organize specialized online testing for foreign citizens.

Some universities organize visiting admissions committees: the representatives of the institution travel to different regions of Russia and the CIS countries and hold exams among senior students there. The results of these exams are valid for entering at universities. Nevertheless, most universities hold entrance tests for foreign citizens only on their territory, which requires applicant's obligatory personal presence.

The present explanation of the legislation was prepared by the employees of Samara region prosecutor’s office in cooperation with students of the law faculty of the Togliatti State University (Daria Tolmacheva) and a student f the 10th form of school №11 as part of a joint project “Attorney to help”.                      

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